Motorized Conveyor Roller

When to use Motorized Conveyor Roller ?

What are the application ranges of electric roller

Electric roller is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, power, grain and transportation sectors. As a drum equipment for lifting power, the application scope of electric drum is also expanding.

Electric roller is a common power transmission equipment in transmission equipment. It is welcomed by people for its small space, compact structure, simple maintenance, convenient installation and other advantages, and plays an important role in improving transmission efficiency.

What aspects should be inspected when using the power roller

1. Inspection of installation structure: each time you use it, you should make sure whether it is firmly installed, because if the power drum in normal operation is not firmly fixed, it is easy to have problems.

2. Lubrication inspection: each time it is necessary to inspect the lubrication of the power drum to see whether it can operate normally, whether the amount of lubricating oil is sufficient, and whether the oil seal is sealed normally.

3. Mechanical test of shell or part of shell: this includes strength test, and the operation condition to see whether there is noise and whether the sealing is not tight.

4. Temperature inspection: it is required to inspect the temperature of the power drum, including the temperature during normal operation.

The inspection of the power drum can ensure the normal use of the power drum. There are many inspection contents and methods. The above contents should be paid attention to frequently. The inspection of the power drum is also to ensure that the product can reach the service life.

Measures to reduce the damage of electric roller bearing

1. Add lubricating oil to the bearing regularly, check whether there are impurities in the lubricating oil, and replace it if necessary.

2. Check whether the assembly and installation of coupling and bearing meet the standards. If not, repair them in time.

3. Check whether there are impurities in the bearing, and clean it if necessary.

4. Whether the external part of the electric roller is fixed normally, and if not, fix it in time.

5. Timely check whether the working temperature of the bearing is within the reasonable range.

6. Do not use the electric roller in the corrosive environment.

The above is the measure to reduce the damage of the electric roller bearing. In the process of use, the bearing shall be well maintained. In case of any abnormal situation, the operation shall be stopped and handled in time, and it can be put into use again after the handling is completed.

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