SPROCKETED ROLLERP Recautions for use

Maintenance of wearing parts of power roller

There are many types of drums in the whole drum structure, among which the power drum is a very common equipment. The power drum is widely used in many fields, which brings convenience to production and life. However, when using the power drum, it will be found that some parts are often damaged, or even repeatedly damaged. So how to maintain the vulnerable parts of the power drum?

1. The end cover and internal components of the power drum are easy to fall off, and the internal gear of the power drum is easy to be damaged. Frequently check whether such places are normal and meet the requirements.

2. The junction block and junction box are easy to be damaged. Such places extending out of the roller structure are thin and easy to be damaged. Generally speaking, we need to fix it well to reduce its friction and movement. It is better to fix it.

3. The lubrication system is very important for the power drum. In daily use of traditional Chinese medicine, check the use of lubricating oil and check the oil seal. A well running lubrication system can reduce the friction of internal parts of the product, reduce the running resistance and improve the running speed.

The maintenance of vulnerable parts during the use of the power drum can not only prolong the service life of the equipment, but also improve the operation efficiency and ensure the operation effect.

Reasons for abnormal temperature of power roller

The reason for the abnormal temperature of the power drum is usually caused by mechanical equipment failure, sudden increase of friction, voltage and current problems, excessive load and other reasons. When the power drum heats up rapidly under normal load but does not exceed the normal working temperature, it should also be stopped immediately to check and find out the specific situation. If the temperature is abnormal, it is necessary to stop the operation in time and find out the problem, which is easy to cause the power drum can not be used normally.

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