Rubber coated roller

Five benefits of using polyurethane rubber rollers, do you know?

Due to the increase in the use of natural rubber, artificial rubber polyurethane came into being. After the roller is coated with a polyurethane rubber layer, the specific performance of the roller is improved, allowing it to be mass-produced and used on the market. Compared with ordinary rubber rollers, polyurethane rubber rollers have the following characteristics.

1. Polyurethane rubber roller has good chemical properties. Oil resistance and chemical resistance make polyurethane rubber rollers suitable for use in various inks, diesel, gasoline, alcohol and other organic solvents, and can maintain reliable and stable operation.

2. Polyurethane rubber rollers have excellent physical properties and will not harden and age after long-term use. The polyurethane rubber layer on the surface of the polyurethane rubber roller gives the roller good tear resistance, wear resistance and toughness, so the long-term use of the polyurethane rubber roller will not affect the use effect. At the same time, polyurethane rubber rollers also have good temperature resistance and can operate in high or low temperature environments with small dimensional changes. The wear resistance and resilience of polyurethane rubber rollers are several times that of natural rubber rubber rollers, and their service life is also extended.

3. The surface of the polyurethane rubber roller is fine and smooth and has sufficient viscosity, so the rubber layer and the roller body are highly bonded, which can ensure the service life of the polyurethane rubber roller. When polyurethane is used in printing or printing processes, the viscosity on the surface of the adhesive layer can ensure the transferability of the ink and ensure the printing quality.

4. Compared with ordinary rubber rollers, polyurethane rubber rollers have better durability. Polyurethane not only has toughness and elasticity, but also has good mechanical properties. The combination of these two advantages makes polyurethane rubber rollers a very durable equipment accessory. The service life of polyurethane rubber roller is about 4000 hours, and its service life reduces downtime and improves production efficiency.

5. In addition to being durable, polyurethane rubber rollers are also widely used. The surface hardness of polyurethane rubber rollers has a wide range and can meet the needs of different industries. Whether it is a polyurethane rubber roller with high hardness or a polyurethane rubber roller with strong flexibility, the rollers produced in Shunde can meet your needs.

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