Motorized Sprocketed Rollers


Product Description:

Structure: Electric sprocket roller is one of the main parts of the accumulation conveyor line. It is a combination of sprocket roller and electric roller, drawing on the advantages of both, with higher load carrying capacity and stability, suitable for handling heavier materials and larger loads.

Product Advantage

1、Excellent bearings, smooth use

Mechanical bearings, shaft steel quality; smooth rotation, smoother; low noise, more use.


2、New automatic welding

Adopting new technology of automatic welding, the welding buckle is more solid, the surface is smooth, the product is more beautiful.



With a variety of roller manufacturing process, stamping, welding sleeve, turning and other processes, to provide customers with a variety of options to buy the right product.


4、Accumulation type friction roller

Can provide a variety of specifications of the sprocket, customers can choose to match according to the need, a large number of reserves of 4 points 11 teeth, 9 teeth, 11 teeth and other specifications of the sprocket, the production speed is faster.


Product Parameter

Order No.Flow line roller
Cylinder materialStainless steel
Processing CustomisationYes
TypeStacking roller
Shaft diameter12/15/20(mm)
Surface treatmentZinc/Chrome Plated
Cylinder Diameter38/50/60 (mm)
Cylinder length150-1600 (mm)


Application: Suitable for heavy material handling and larger load scenarios. Used in power roller lines, assembly lines, conveyors, etc.

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Accumulating roller conveyor principle:

It operates on the principle that the item moves onto a section of belt, the sensor at the end of the item picks up the model and aborts the conveyor, when the next item arrives the conveyor senses the movement again until the end of this item is completely on the belt, this continues until a section of the item arrives at the end of the delivery conveyor, then a sensor indicates that there is a row of items on a section of the belt, then the row of items is moved in its entirety onto the The row of items is then moved in its entirety to the remote conveyor belt.


When conveying products in logistics, in order to reach the accumulating effect, the accumulating roller is used. The difference between the accumulating roller and the general roller is that the driving gear and the roller body itself are driven in different ways. Whereas normal motorised pulleys are installed in a fixed position, accumulating pulleys can be used to achieve both motorised and accumulating effects.


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